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Monday, March 7, 2011

Tuesday Nighters are comin.....

Years ago, I used to work in an office and totally hated deadlines, preferring to do all that could be done that day an never where possible leave it for tomorrow.

It is funny however that in our personal lives we sometimes strive for a deadline just so we can get something done!!! Well I feel that I have been making reasonable progress on the layout however the Tuesday Nighters have made small hints that they would like to come and drink some beer and have a real look at the "Extension".

Yes to some people I do live out in the sticks and at times I need to offer meal vouchers and fuel cards for people to come over Ha Ha, so the other evening I offered for those interested to attend my place on the the 26th March for a Saturday afternoon version of the Tuesday Nighters and this means I better get something running I was told!!

Here is an overview of "Wattle Flat" all the trackwork, wiring and turnout activation is complete

Being a little Anal Retentive, alright alot, I wanted to completely test this trackwork to ensure all was up to standard. There are to be no stalling engines.

Another overview with 3230 and 4912 shunting and operating through the various turnouts, trackwork has also started on the fuel siding

Here is a close up of the fuel siding being shunted. I am not entirely happy with this arrangement and may remove the turnout from its current location and place it at the other end. This siding will be shunted by the shunt crew out of "Wattle Flat" and not trains running between stations. I need to do more research on the prototype.
This is the very first train shunting the siding.

All track in place with various 'placed' sidings

The curve in place and 3230 ensuring no track problems

With that side of the layout up and running with no problems and ready for the Tuesday Nighters to find some I thought I should move around the corner and make some progress so that the trains have somewhere to go.
The formwork taking place.

I wanted to take full advantage of the sweeping curve on approach to the yard so I used large radius turnouts in the planning and so far seem to be working. This process of raising the track above the benchwork on risers takes a heap of planning, not to mention screws but will be worth it when scenery time comes.
3 roads. Main, loop and goods road plus a siding into a small quarry, ballast works (more shunting)

Well that is the progress so far. I am wanting to operate the new station via the wire in tube system with Frame A in the station area controlling main line turnouts, Home signals and Starters, 10 levers in all.
If any fellow bloggers are going to be in the area on that day drop me a line, you will be most welcome.
Anyway until next time.