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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Two jobs on the go!!!

Evening all, I have been a bit quite on the blog side however have been trying to get things done in the train room.

Having the track plan for the first station area pretty well mapped out in full scale on the floor and the first of the modules in place I thought that it would be a good idea to pre-wire all the turnouts to DCC standards prior to installation in the bench work.

There are some 12 turnouts in the first station area and I thought this will save timelatter in the construction and track laying stages.

Here is one of the many Peco code 75 large radis turnouts getting the DCC treatment.

Having the first module completed and some time it spurred me on to getting the second module finished and attached to the other.I am amazed at how benchwork seems to just eat screws, lucky I buy them in bulk.

Here is a shot of the first two completed modules in place ready to be bolted together. The shelving is also in placed that will hold all the odd bits and pieces we accumulate in a train room.
These two modules will be the end of the branchline.

I was lucky to have the weekend off and with all my chores done I took the opportunity to work in the shed and train room.

The next module was measured up and prepared. This module will fit at the end of the ones already installed (properly now) but will be the other side of the backdrop after the island moduals are completed.

Here is the smallest module awaiting the legs and back drop.

This weekend Geoff and I will be heading down to the Murwillumbah High School exhibition to be held at the Murwillumbah High school. We will be taking my exhibition layout 'More'.

If you have not been before, make the trip, it is well worth it. Come say hello to Geoff or myself as it is the last time 'More' will be exhibited.

Hope to see you there. Until next time. Darren


  1. Darren, the modules look great, terrific idea sorting out the storage underneath at the same time. Bout time for a Saturday version of the Tuesday Nighters I think!

  2. Thanks mate, the door is always open. Darren