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Sunday, December 19, 2010

On a curve with a Bonus

Well I guess it is no news to anyone on the east coast of Australia that it has been raining. The bonus has been that it is also raining on the weekends and this means more modelling time in the shed.

With the first phase of the benchwork complete it was time to move on to the roadbed. I like to cut the plywood out for the trackwork area only so as to allow low level scenery. The more the better.

When cutting the curves, I like to use large sheets of cardboard as templates and then trace it directly on to the plywood.
When you cut out the full curve it makes for a stronger roadbed and a smoother surface. All the better for laying track!!!!!! I can't wait.

This shot shows the cardboard template, and the plywood roadbed sitting in place ready to add the risers.

An overhead view with the risers all cut and screwed and glued in place, ready to lay track!!!

After each major project I like to clean up and then set about marking everything out for a test fit and general feel. I then leave it for a day for two and then revisit it.
From previous posts you will have noticed that "Wattle Flat" has been done for some time, but over the months no track was layed!!. This was mainly due to making sure I could get the largest curve possible without losing much needed yard space.

Having worked with my cardboard templates I finally got the largest curve possible and as seen from the shots above, all installed.

Curve point installed with activation mech and wired

Under roadbed shot
As seen in earlier reports, I took the time to prewire all the turnouts and make under roadbed wiring harnesses. This took a lot of time during the installation of the turnout as all holes for the wiring and the activation have to be drilled prior to turnout installation. Hiding all the wiring is something I consider important.
Hmmm, I guess after I have installed a few there might be some time savings, when it is time for the wiring. I can't run a train through, until it is installed properly as the frogs have been isolated and require the activation mech to align the power!! There is always a negative to a positive.

Well enough of my ramblings!
I wish all bloggers and followers alike a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous 2011.