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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Holidays in the way!!!!!!

G'day to all, I have been very quiet on the updates of late because I have been busy in the shedmaking and repairing all those things that have to be done when you live on property.

Since my last posting, I have finished the corner return module and have installed it ready for the peninsular modules to be constructed.

The divider is actually the backdrop for the centre peninsular.
The back module is also completed and installed. There just needs some minor adjustment in the legs (screw feet) to make the back drops line up.Module completed

My holidays were fast approaching and not wanting to have anything half finished on the workshop floor I opted for some fun and cut out the ply and the risers for the terminis station area. I had already mapped out the track plan so it was just a matter of cutting an 8 by 4 sheet in half, then cut out the scenery areas.

Plywood just sitting there awaiting fixing.

Well after spending 2 weeks on Fraser Island, fishing, relaxing, 4WDing, fishing and did I say relaxing, we came home.

It has been raining here since I have been away so I will need to get into cutting the grass before the lions take over.

Anyway enough from me. Bring on the Tuesday nighters.


  1. Darren,
    Progress looks great. Hopefully you soon will have track down on your station module and after connecting up the Powercab, you can have us over to drink your beer and check things out. Maybe set a date for sometime in November after our weekend away.

  2. Weekend away? Four days of friends, trains, beer (VB Of Course!), and a railway convention! Sounds like a real struggle to get through! Can't wait.

    Great to hear about the holiday, the rain started at Girraween, and I don't think it has stopped there yet!

    Darren your progress is really moving along, the careful planning is certainly showing now. See you Tuesday!

  3. Thanks fellas, our Tuesday nite Branchliners and the work you both have been doing has spurred me on!!! Yes bring on the weekend away.