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Sunday, January 9, 2011

More rain means more modelling!!!!

With all this rain there has been a need to go out to the train room and let the "Good Wife" and daughter deal with there own cabin fever!!!!!!!!!

After the last post I thought it was time to see if the turnout idea works in practice and not just theory.
With my 5 amp radio system in for repair I hooked up the Powercab and did a run by.

My sound equipped 32 and a small spring run back and forth.

With all having performed well I thought it best that when my 5 amp system returns I have things ready for the installation.
I have commenced RJ12 cable construction and have made a few testing panels to ensure everything is wired correctly.
Newly pruchased crimping tool and associated testing board

I then researched various sites and people concerning the finer side of the electrics. I felt I needed an Amp meter for checking the layouts load and also a volt meter for just in case.
I then wanted to break up the comms bus and the track bus, so with all that in mind I constructed a box to house it all.
I am of a firm beleaver that why all the wiring I do now is clear in my mind, that will not be the case in 10 years time if I have to trouble shoot. Everything has been labled and colour coded.
Now I just hope the layout will make it to 10!!
My black box sits on the top of the Power cab. Hmmm must put that filter on the power leads.

All has been set up, tested and working as it should. I now need to lay some more track so as to get a better run.

Happy modelling.


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