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Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas update

A very Merry Christmas to everyone and I hope you have a safe and properous 2013.

Having returned from the New England Convention in November, what a great weekend and a super congrats to Warren, Kathleen and the NEMRC, I have plenty of revitalised energy for the next stage of construction.

My first step was to finish the benchwork properly so that the final decision on trackwork could start.
This took a fair bit of time with the templates to get a plan that followed standard NSWGR design but also provided some operation but most importantly, fit the space!!

The track layout is bases loosely on Gilmore with goods loop, platform road, loop road to branch and for extra effort I have added a stock siding and perway siding. 

Here is the finished scene.

With all the hard work done it was time for a good test of all my toil so far. An email was sent out advising there would be free beer and BBQ on Friday night, oh and some trackwork testing.
As it was very short notice I was pleased the drink and food did the trick as there was nearly a full house.

After the food was finished ( Rule 2 no food in the train room) I let the fellas at it. Most of the tuesday niters have radio throttles and once set up with fresh batteries (yes I know) everything ran fine.

The most common error of the evening was someone running into a point against them and as I wire all my frogs this causes a short for that part of the layout. When full operating sessions are on, I plan to have 2 man crews, 1 drives and the other takes care of points and coupling/uncoupling so I am hoping this will greatly improve. If someone knows of a better was to stop this, I would be pleased to hear it. No, dead frogs are not an option!!

It was such a great evening that I forgot to take any photos so thankyou to Brendan from for taking these great shots.

 Geoff is running around his train in the testing area

Paul has just shunted a load of wagons

Craig has shunted a string of wagons and prepares to collect the empites

The 2 shots above show how important space is between the bench. This is the tightest being only 700mm at the narrow point

The evening declared a sucess and the obvious need for more trackwork I continued with my progress and started work on the roadbed.
The plan for this area is slight rolling hills, giving the impression of the branch line making its was back to the junction and the main line.  
 Just an overview of the roadbed and trackwork so far

the 3rd last section of benchwork has been constructed. Sadly the airconditioner will remain, the trains will just have to go around it

In the last week progress has stopped!!,  for on my return home from work on a really hot day, I thought I would carry out a perway inspection (as I have done for the last 2 yrs on hot days) there were buckles everywhere thoughout the layout. Sorry no pictures as there were so many. I had to start lifting track and marking where I need to cut further expansion joints.

I am still progressing with this job and pleased to say that I have rectified half so far and no permanent damage. WHooooooooo..

On a far better note I received a call from fellow tuesday niter Paul last Friday and he came over and we had a very relaxing evening with a few beers and installing decoders in 45 class locos. Thanks mate it was a bloody great night, times sure flys when your having fun.

Which brings me to the end of my ramblings. Enjoy the festive season surrounded by the ones who bring you joy and happiness. We are only here for a short time so love, share, laugh and enjoy.

Again Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing you at the next adventure.

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  1. If you want to fix the short problem, wire a 12V 3W light bulb in series with the frog wire. When a train runs into the point the light bulb will come on and absorb the short. The train will continue, depending on the quality of the pick ups and not shut down the layout on a short circuit. I use this method and it's hasn't failed me yet. I'll do a post for you?