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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ballast siding photos

Well just a small update as I was lucky enough to find the photos for the cutting and shaping work done with the foam insulation board.

The Masonite facia is in place now and the profile is cut to represent the hills and gullies I want in the scene. Large sheets are cut and glued and then weighted down. I use an acrylic based no more nails as it dries quick and does not eat the foam. I cut the foam with a large bread knife and a hacksaw blade.

The carving and filing are underway. This is a very very messy job with static electricity causing the foam shaving (little balls) to go everywhere and stick to you and everything else.
I went to Bunnings and brought a cheap shop vacuum and it worked a treat. 

When the cutting is finished I then used a panel beaters bog filler file to carve the hills and gullies. By far this is the worst as it creates an almost powder like material the goes everywhere but at least the shop vac picks it up.

The above shot shows the cutting that the ballast is cut from, is starting to take shape. I will then cover it with paper towel dipped in watered down white glue.

Until next time , Happy Modelling.