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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Inspired and Refreshed

Having spent 4 days in close confines with four inspirational people, I returned home with plenty of spark.

Andrew hit the nail on the head when he said in his blog that the convention in Armidale was better than any exhibition because it gave you the opportunity to be surrounded by like minded people with the same enthusiam, but more importantly gave you the time to actually talk with them. Check out his blog "Bowen Creek".

Peter at the wheel
Geoff and Scooter (Cassino) just south of Glen Innes

On a more serious side, on my return I had plenty of fuel for that spark and jumped straight in where I left off.
The bench work was my first priority and getting all of the first stage done.

This shot ties in the last shots with the back wall and centre aisle module

The return for the centre module and the back drop had to built in place, it is still removable.
Centre module bolted up with a cardboard template for the track centres

The overview of the first aisle showing the double sided backdrop on the right

While all the benchwork construction was going on my InFront Models DOT wagon arrived in the post so I commenced the clean up. This is a very good kit and with the aid of the various jigs will make into a great model.
All the items included with the kit

Just to ensure the fire did not go out, my soundtraxx decoder arrived and after many emails to Gerry (a big thankyou) I commenced the install!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With the AT1000 board you need to remove the factory fitted one

Do not forget to add 1k ohm resistors to every LED, 6 in total
Lucky the "Good Wife" didn't see this.

The finished product, test run and programmed

So there you have it, the convention was a great inspiration and the time spent with fellow modellers was and is always worth it.
All the best and happy modelling.


  1. Darren

    If you turn the speaker over you will get more sound out of it because as built it points down into the mechanism and the sound can't really get out too well.

    You will need to snip off a couple of plastic pieces on the grey box around the speaker to get it to fit but it really is an easy change.

    The sound improves but could be louder still as I am running mine at near full volume which is OK when I am by myself but gets lost when the Ramblers come over.

    Ray P

  2. Thanks Ray, The shot is probably not the best as I have turned the speaker over and reinstalled it back in half the case. It made it easier to locate the lights and inturn put the body back on. Having said that I really appreciate your input. I do need to turn the sound up and was concerned about how high so thanks again. Darren