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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trackwork is getting closer......

While I have been busy working out safe working ideas, I have been busy constructing more benchwork. The 68mm by 19mm dressed pine sure makes construction easy with the last thing to do is attach the 600mm high back drop and then drop it into place.

This shot is the first module along the back wall. This wall is 6 metres long.

Having finished that off it was time to construct the centre "double sided module". As I wanted the backdrop sandwiched without any reinforcing to show. This required a bit of extra timberwork but the effort will be worth it.

Centre module under construction in the workshop

After completion in the workshop I got the good wife to assist and it was moved in and attached.

Centre module awaiting the bolts

Now that this centre module was in place it allowed me to work out the curve for leaving the terminus station area so I could try my earlier full scale planning diagram.

Here is the track plan sitting in place while I work out the curve. A nice 34 inches.

While all that was happening I had some time at the work bench and started the wiring looms for under each turnout. Nothing flash, just a simple wire activiation from the side of the layout. I think you have all see it before.

PVC edge mold you get from the hardware holds the slide switch in place.

Any way that is what I have been up to since returning from my holidays. Our regular Tuesday nighters is always a big push along.
This weekend I will be heading to the Armidale Convention being put on by the New England Club. Previous conventions have been a blast and this promises to be even better.
Until next time.

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