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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The outdoor calls

G'day all and hasn't time flown. The Saturday session of the Tuesday Nighters has long since gone and in that time nothing new has happened with the "Branch".

Some of the Tuesday Nighters L to R. Geoff, Craig, Mike, Shelton, Brendan and Peter

All ran well with the fellas only finding one problem and that was with the Shino curved turnout I used causing shorts when being thrown. I think by removing the contact strip under the blades will fix this.

The pictures are nothing new for the Tuesday nighters however they show fellow bloggers my progress to date.

Mapping out the curved turnouts

Having laid this area using large radius curve turnouts at either end and finished the wire in tube control system for the mainline turnouts and tested it, I am not completely satisified with the look or feel of it. I will leave and continue on with the branch pending further research.

In the mean time trains are running from this station to Wattle Flat.

3230 departing the loop for Wattle Flat. Goods to left and Main to right

Here is a shot of the modified Shino turnout with the brass contact removed

The removal of the brass contact strip from the turnout has fixed the problem totally.

3230 testing the modified turnout and track work

With all trackwork in place and tested it was time to move on with more benchwork and roadbed construction.

Hmmmm must play that guitar again.

Well that is about all from me. Now that the winter weather is upon us the outdoor calls and all those jobs that get put off in summer need to be done.

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