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Monday, July 18, 2011

Behind the Scene "Toowoomba 2011"

Yes the event has gone but the smiles are still hanging on. Geoff and I never travel light when it comes to Toowoomba, bringing everything bar the kitchen sink.

We camp at the show venue and this means we set up for just as much fun when the show closes.

Some of the gear that travels with us

Friday evening after the supplied exhibitor meals are over it is time to enjoy some modelling and idea sharing. There is always plenty taken to do but only a small amount gets done.

The smile says it all

When the show closes it gives exhibitors the chance to take some photos. We had some fun with the various locos that graced "Splitters Swamp Creek" over the weekend.

My 32 left Wattle Flat for a spin on Splitters'

We were joined over the weekend by fellow Tuesday Nighter Brendan and some of his nicely detailed rolling stock.

The 19 and CPH are the work of Brendan with my 32

Toowoomba is over for another year with Splitters and Geoff having been exceptionally well received for a first time outing. There were many very inspiring comments and Geoff should be very proud of his acheivements.

Many thanks to Brendan for becoming part of the team, great company with plenty of laughs and to Geoff for the great mate he is. I look forward to our next adventure.

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  1. Darren, looking forward to the next 'Adventure' as well, thank you for the kind words, it was a great weekend all round! Yep and with three at least you could escape me for a while!