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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Full scale plans

While adding the finishing touches to the layout room I have been trying to nut out a track plan that would work operationally for the size room, 6 by 9 meters. As mentioned earlier Aisle width is important along with as much bench space as possible. There were to be no duckunders and no double backing with true, follow your train as you go.

Yes it does limit being able to follow a particular prototype or layout, but to meet my guidelines I was happy to sacrifice.

Now that the layout room has been finished for some time, I have had the luxury of transferring my plans to full size on the floor. I have been sticking Peco templates onto large pieces of paper cut out to the recommended baseboard size.

Looking at the top photos gives you an indication of the yard layout. In my drawings I allowed 4800mm for the station area and after planning with full size templates and rollingstock I found that I needed to shorted it by 500mm too allow a curve out of the yard.
Here is a shot of the completed template sitting on some ply.

Being apart of a modelling group or club is one way of gaining plenty of inspiration.
The boys from our regular Tuesday night group provide plenty of inspiration, so with enough of the paperwork having been undertaken for so long, I better actually CUT SOME WOOD!!!!!

It does not look like much but it took a while to map out.

Taking shape.

All together with the backdrop attached temporary. I do all my work in the workshop and then move it into the train room (next door).

Anyway enough of my ramblings. It was a great weekend an although it seems like I didn't do much I actually finally made a start and now have something to work from.