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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Great company

Well what can I say, two posts in a week. Firstly don't get used to it as it will not be happening.

Friday night was a great night and yes we all got more done than we probably thought we would.
Thanks to Geoff for the venue, Peter and Craig, for a great evening.

The Uneek signal kit was a joy to work on as it was very clean of flash and the timber mast showed reasonable grain detail. I spent most of my time filing down the head of the Lace Pin before attaching it to the semaphore arm. The pin head was so big that it covered the detail on the arm.

Sunday was the Railway Modellers Club of Qld buy and sell event at Brendale. I headed over with Craig (Cassino fame) and a heap of gear with the intention of selling it. There were plenty of stalls and people and I was happy with the amount I sold.
This was my first visit to their club rooms and Craig gave me a guided tour. Very impressive.

Away the day ended around 15.00, with a plesent drive home.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Evening all, boy I have been busy over the last few months. Yes the train room is finished and planning is taking place, well playing on the floor some might say.
With the help of some pictures I will update you.
This shot (left) is the other side of the finished train room that you could not see in the last post. This was where the toilet was when we lived in the shed. All walls and associated plumbing needed to be removed.

This shot (right) is the air conditioner filing the hole where the toilet window used to be. The new work bench can be seen to the right of the air conditioner.

Here is a quick shot of that new work bench. Purpose built with pelmets and lights, recessed powerpoints and plenty of leg room.

The bench is L shaped and made in two peices. It was taken into the train room and assembled. It has made a welcome addition and has given me the excess to get plenty of work done.

The 32 class has been fitted with a Lok sound decoder with all the mods done and the 44 class has been fitted with a Soundtraxx DSD alco decoder and what a job I had. All done, the effort was worth it as they sound great.
The shot to the right is the 44 class with a complete reconstruction of the number two end. I removed the speaker, bulk head. After enough room was made I refitted the crew detail and fitted the shell. I did not change the bulbs to LED, although they are not that bright they will do.
Finally the paint dried and the room was ready to start putting back together. Refitting of light switches, power points and lights.
The room was then re-carpeted, I opted for carpet squares as they allow for ease of removal or changing if one get stained or damaged.
Ready for refitting electrical items.

The finished product. Now both sides of the room are finished. I am now able to start the mapping out on the floor.
I have been drawing the plan to scale for some time however there is nothing like working to full size.
Sorry for the large blank spaces in this post but I am still learning how this formatting works.