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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Stalling to make a MESS!!!!!!!!!

In 2010 I raced out of the blocks and got into the "Branch" in fine form. I completed much of what I had planned and was able to host the "Tuesday Niters" back in March.
Being able to run trains and actually test what has been put down has been great, but somehow I must have rested on my acheivements and 2011 has been a poor year in the way of major advancement.

Now that the weather is hotting up and I have the only air conditioned room in the place, I plan to head for the train room rain, hail or shine, that is when the chores are done.

Bob from SCR is right, the year has flown by again and I need to get some more done. Now having said that, I can build benchwork, lay track and complete complex wiring until I am blue in the face but when it comes to scenery I will find any excuse to start something else or just make a mess of it.... so with that in mind I felt it was time to fill in the gaps (and there are sh#t loads) with foam so I can start carving the contours of the land form.

Roadbed cut away for bridgework and creek bed

I want just as much below track scenery as above so the trackwork looks like it passes through the scene and not over it.

The process of cutting the foam to fit the space and then shape it to the desired contour makes one huge mess and takes plenty of time. The advantage is that it is light, will be easy to cover with glue soaked cloth and the best part, make it easy to plant the trees!!!

Overview, the white stuff he heading towards Wattle Flat

I had a theme for this part of the layout to hide the two back scenes becoming one and that was the reason I started in this area and work towards Wattle Flat.

This area is finished and awaits the cloth soaked in glue

With the carving and filing of the foam a long way off being finished, there has been no point in cleaning up the mess. I am better off spending my time glueing, cutting and carving than vaccuming.

now where is the!!!!!!

As a side to making a mess I have started researching car forwarding systems so the layout can be operated as per the prototype, earn its keep.

The first job is that every wagon needs a card. All the cards in a train form the consist and are given to the crew. The crew then place the wagons as per the delivery address, shunt the siding.

The system is based on the Micromart one available in the US. I will be tweaking the system to suit.

I would like to know what others are using to record / shunt wagon movements!!!!

JLX is loaded with products for the Wattle Flat Produce Store
when this car is emptied it will return to Sydney (hidden staging)

There you have it, I am progressing slowly. So if you have not heard of me for a while I am buried or stuck to the benchwork.

Until next time.