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Sunday, January 18, 2015


A Very Happy New Year to all.

Today was so hot that l spent it in the air conditioned train room and seeking some much needed inspiration from following bloggers.
It does not take long for the time to get away and "time enjoyed wasted is not wasted time".

My last post spoke of the operation session and l am pleased to say there have been more and more are planned.
In order for the sessions to have commenced, l had to sort out the dilemma with the ballast siding and with the help of Rowan from Glenn Innes and others mentioned earlier l finally settled on the present design and am happy to say it has been well received.

The track to the right of picture is the main line and then the empty road is the receiving road for the empty ballast wagons and then the loading road.
There is a siding in front of the loader that is for receiving various loading associated with operating a quarry.

Over the last few months l have not acheived much, hence the need for inspiration.

Just a quick update.